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article-doctorate-in-educationCompleting a PhD in education will ensure you of a higher income and the best job opportunities.

The majority of teachers with doctoral degrees work in school leadership and upper education administration, or as researchers or curriculum developers.

Doctoral programs require approximately 15 post-master’s classes, an exam and a research-based dissertation.

Doctorate in Education or Philosophy?

The two kinds of doctorates available from teacher education schools are the Doctorate in Education degree (EdD) and the Doctor of Philosophy in Education degree (PhD). They are both recognized as equal in academic rigor and standing.

However, the EdD tends to be more project based, while the PhD is more research-based and theoretical in nature. Read on to learn more differences and determine which is best for you.

Doctorate in Education (EdD)

If you are a professional practitioner interested in becoming a university professor, superintendent of schools or applied educational researcher, the Doctorate in Education is designed for you. An EdD is likely to be the preferred qualification for many mid-career employees, many of whom will already have master’s degrees but who wish to pursue studies at the doctoral level. A Doctorate in Education is based on research in addition to its application in professional practice.

Doctor of Philosophy in Education (PhD)

If you are interested in an academic research role, such as policy maker, teacher educator at a university or educational theorist, a PhD may be your degree of choice. Educational PhD programs emphasize the development of educational theory through research that generates new–or reformulates existing–knowledge. Educational PhD degrees are similar to EdD degrees in requirements, but they tend to emphasize more theoretical research.

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