Learn How to Become a Special Education Teacher

Your guide to teaching special education: learn about special education careers and degrees.

Extraordinary Special Education Teachers

special-education-special-education-teacherWhen you decide to become a special education teacher, you choose a life of purpose, impact and straight-up fun.

You will spend your days enjoying the simplest joys and making a true difference in the lives of your students.

You may work one-on-one with learning disabled students or teach a classroom of intellectually disabled or developmentally delayed students.

Special Education Degrees

If you’ve wondered how to become a special education teacher, you’ve come to the right place. We gathered our special education information from the most reliable sources around: scholarly publications and, of course, special ed teachers themselves.

As you consider schools and degrees, learn about your different program options for becoming a special education teacher and how far advanced degrees can take you. And, before you leave, read our online special education degrees article to learn about the convenient and flexible online options available today.

A Life-changing Career

If you’re ready to take the first steps to become a special ed teacher, you’ll want to know all kinds of career information. That’s why we put together an article on the ins and outs of special education teacher salaries and benefits. We also compiled a detailed list of job opportunities in the special ed field, from teacher’s aide to department director.

If you’re curious about the types of elementary and secondary special ed programs available today, read about the difference between teaching in immersion and self-contained classes. But for a real glimpse into teaching special ed, check out our teacher interview with veteran special education teacher, Pam Casey.

Celebrating Special Education

Remember, you can make a difference in the lives of these exceptional people. With the right teacher training, you can help the challenged child in a corner become a self-assured, capable adult, ready to take on a world of exciting opportunity.


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