Teaching Specialties: Which Core Subject Is Right for You?

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african american teacher lecturing to class full of students
african american teacher lecturing to class full of students

If you want to become a teacher but haven’t yet begun considering teaching specialties, reading the entries that interest you below will help you make an informed decision.

Each section details the teacher job description, daily responsibilities, and degree and certification requirements for the teaching specialties. From classic jobs like math or science teacher to less well known positions like reading specialist and school psychologist, discover what you’d like to focus on when you become a teacher.

Research Core Subject Teaching Specialties

Core subjects, a significant part of nearly all elementary and secondary teaching curricula, make up the base of any quality education. When you teach English, history, math, science or social studies, you impart knowledge to your students while also helping them build the thinking skills they will use throughout their lives.

English Teacher

Reading, writing and critical thinking are the building blocks of this discipline. Read this article to learn what to expect if you become an English teacher.

History Teacher

Teaching history is much more than rote memorization and repetitive classes. Read this article to find out how to become the kind of history teacher that inspires your students.

Math Teacher

Math skills translate into lifelong analytical skills that will help students integrate learning in many areas of life. Read this article to see if this number-crunching job is for you.

Science Teacher

Few subjects elicit awe in the hearts of students like science. The sense of discovery is an integral part of learning. Read this article to learn what degree and certification you’ll need to become a science teacher.

Social Studies Teacher

Inspiring a love for politics, current affairs and social sciences is a job for the truly socially aware. Read this article to find out how typical social studies teachers spend their day.

Discover Special Subjects Like the Arts

If you become a teacher of the arts, you will have a chance to excite young minds toward the self-expression and empathy that will serve them for years to come.

Art Teacher

Art teachers get to inspire creativity and impart an appreciation for artistic expression in their classes. Read this article to see what a day in the life of an art teacher looks like.

Music Teacher

Music fundamentals, performance and teamwork are all integral parts of a music teacher’s curriculum. Read this article to see how you can become a music teacher.

Drama Teacher

Whether teaching theater history or performance classes, drama teachers have a unique opportunity to inspire confidence in students. Read this article and start your theater teacher career.

Physical Education Teacher

Providing a much-needed, physically engaging break as well as resources for healthy living, PE teachers work with nearly all students in a school. Read this article to learn more about this rewarding career.

Become a Pull-Out Class Teacher

Because of the wide variety of students they teach, pull-out teachers get to have an impact on a large number of children while teaching a fairly streamlined curriculum.

Foreign Language Teacher

Often a mandatory element of education for multiple age groups, foreign language classes are now offered for a wide range of languages. Read this article to find certification and degree information.

Gifted Education Teacher

A rewarding and challenging position, becoming a gifted education teacher will bring a bit of awe into your daily life. Read this article to learn what gifted student teachers typically do.

Reading Specialist

Planning school-wide literacy programs and helping individual students catch up with class expectations are just the beginning of what reading specialists do. Read this article to see if this job is for you.

Speech Therapist

Speech language pathologists work with students who have speech or language related disorders. Read this article and learn about a speech therapist’s work environment, salary and training.

Technology/Computer Teacher

Because of the skyrocketing importance of computer literacy for students, computer teachers play a central role in education today. Read this article to see where you might fit into this ever-changing industry.

School Support Services

The counselors, librarians, nurses and psychologists that support the staff and student body have a unique opportunity to work with students without teaching lesson plans throughout the day. Each is responsible for his or her own area. These support personnel ensure that students are provided with a well-rounded, holistic learning experience.

School Counselor

If you want to become a guidance counselor, you’ll need a degree in psychology or counseling to enter this multifaceted job market.

School Librarian

A great way to work with students without actually teaching day-in and day-out, becoming a school librarian requires administrative and managerial competencies. Read our article to see how you can break into the career.

School Nurse

Treating scrapes and headaches is just the beginning of what school nurses do within their institution.
School Psychologist

If psychology is your forte and you have a passion for helping students grow and succeed at school, you should look into school psychology.

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