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Teaching in Indiana

teaching-usa-indiana-teacherSo, you have decided to answer the call of the teaching profession. There are few careers that can offer the priceless payoffs this field can afford you. Seeing a child’s eyes light up when they finally understands a concept is something that no paycheck can match, and you are about to embark on a lifelong journey that will include many such moments. But first, you must become certified to teach in Indiana. It won’t always be easy, but with a little hard work you are certain to be in your own classroom before you know it.

Indiana would be fortunate to have you join the ranks of its teachers. Keep reading to learn how to become a teacher in Indiana.

Traditional Route to Certification

For those in college for the first time, the traditional route makes the most sense. If your institution’s education department is recognized by the state as a valid teacher-preparation program, then you can follow your advisor’s recommendations clear to a full teacher certification. If you are not sure whether your school’s program is recognized by the Indiana Department of Education (DOE) , consult your advisor, the department chair, or your academic dean.

The traditional route to certification includes these steps:

  • Successful completion of all core coursework required by the Indiana DOE. Ensure that your program is regionally accredited and accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) or the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC).
  • Work as a student teacher in a classroom, where you will gain invaluable experience.
  • Take and pass the Core Academic Skills Assessment (CASA), which takes the place of the Praxis exam, another standard test formerly used in Indiana.

Alternative Routes to Certification

If you didn’t go through the teacher training offered by your undergraduate institution, there are many alternative routes to becoming a fully certified Indiana teacher. Since there are so many more students these days, and schools can be overcrowded, Indiana has seen the benefit of finding professionals who have experience in other fields. This adds diversity to the traditional teachers on their staff, who stepped into their K-12 classrooms directly after graduating from college with a bachelor’s degree.

So, there are other ways for you to get certified and begin working as a teacher without having to return to school for another 4-year degree. Alternately, there are programs that ask for one year of additional classroom training. Here are some alternate routes to teaching in Indiana:

Transition to Teaching

This is a 2-semester program that was devised by Indiana’s legislature to address the need for teachers. Here is a list of state-approved institutions that participate:

American College of Education
Anderson University
Ball State University
Bethel College
Butler University
Calumet College of St. Joseph
Goshen College
Indiana University
Indiana University–East
Indiana University–South Bend
Indiana University–Southeast
Indiana Wesleyan University
Manchester College
Marian University
Oakland City University
Purdue University
Purdue University–Calumet
St. Mary of the Woods College
Taylor University
Trine University
University of Evansville
University of Saint Francis
Wabash College

Teach for America

TFA supports its members as they work in low-income urban and rural settings. Anyone with a bachelor’s degree is welcome to apply, regardless of their major or field of study. Their training and professional development will ensure success and a path to full certification.

To apply for any of the alternative routes to certification, you must have transcripts for all of the courses you have taken. That means that if you took an extra course at a community college during summer break one year, you need a transcript for that class. You must also have passing scores on the CASA core academic skills test.

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

In the past ten years or so, MAT programs have proliferated nationwide. These programs work much like their undergraduate cousins in that they offer special training in pedagogy (the art and science of teaching) and special topics, such as science or language arts. The key difference is that graduates emerge with a competitive master’s degree to help pave the way to certification and a competitive advantage when you’re looking for a job. Indiana has long list of approved MAT programs:

American College of Education
Ball State University
Bethel College
Calumet College of St. Joseph
DePauw University
Earlham College
Indiana University
IUPUI: Woodrow Wilson Fellowship
Marian University
Oakland City University
Purdue University
o  MAT Program
o  Woodrow Wilson Fellowship
University of Indianapolis
o  MAT Program
o  Woodrow Wilson Fellowship
University of Notre Dame
Valparaiso University
o  MED in Initial Licensure
o  MED Initial Licensure–LEAPs Program

Teaching Is a Great Career for You…and Your Students

The Hoosier State will be happy to have you as a teacher. Though college and the licensing process may test your abilities, you will surely be successful and proud to hold credentials to teach in Indiana.

Make sure that you check the Indiana Department of Education website to be certain that you have the most up-to-date information on certification.

Source: www.doe.in.gov


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