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Learn How to Become a Mississippi Teacher

teaching-usa-mississippi-teacherWhether you’re looking forward to your first job or thinking about a career change, get the training you need teach in Mississippi.

Teach science, English, history or any number of other subjects. Keep reading to learn about teaching in Mississippi, what the certification requirements are, and what kind of teacher salaries you may expect.

Teacher Certification

The Mississippi Department of Education (DOE) looks for dedicated, creative people to become teachers in Mississippi. There are five levels of teacher certification to choose from, and each one is valid for five years:

  • Class A:  Requires a bachelor’s degree
  • Class AA:  Requires a master’s degree
  • Class AAA:  Requires a specialist degree
  • Class AAAA:  Requires a doctoral degree

For each of these classes, you must earn the appropriate degree in teacher education from a state-approved or NCATE-approved program. You must also take and pass the Praxis II Principles of Learning and Teaching Test, and the Praxis II Specialty Area Test.

Contact an accredited online teacher education school to get the training you need to become a teacher in Mississippi. However, you should always check with the DOE to make sure that a school’s accreditation is appropriate for teacher certification purposes.

Alternate Teacher Licensing

There are several routes to alternative teacher licensing in Mississippi, but all of them require at least a bachelor’s degree. The one you take depends on the subject you want to teach, your career goals and the amount of time you want to spend. Choose from the list below. Then contact the DOE to learn about alternate teacher certification requirements.

  • Mississippi Alternate Path to Quality Teachers (MAPQT): 1-year license
  • Teach Mississippi Institute: 1-year license
  • Master of Arts in Teaching: 3-year license
  • American Board Certification: 1-year license
  • Reciprocity: If you have teacher certification from another state, you may qualify for a 2- or 5-year teaching license in Mississippi.

Contact the DOE for more information on teaching requirements. Or get the teacher training you need to become a Mississippi teacher. And remember that there are also online options for your teacher education.

Mississippi Teacher Salaries

Teachers are well-paid in Mississippi, and they work in cities large and small, and in rural communities across the state.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ current Occupational Outlook Handbook, secondary school teachers in Mississippi make a median salary of $42,860.

If you’d like to share your passion and contribute to the success of kids of every age, teaching might be a great career choice.

Source: www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes252031.htm


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