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How to Become a Teacher in Montana

teaching-usa-montana-teacherThe teaching profession can offer rewards and enrichment and every year a new batch of students enters the school system in need of caring, compassionate teachers. From retiring faculty to larger student populations, there are a number of reasons that local school systems look for qualified teachers each year.

Ready to get started? The state of Montana has particular requirements for issuing teacher certificates. Keep reading to learn how to become state certified to teach in Montana.

Traditional Route to the Classroom

To get started as a teacher in Montana, you’ll need to complete a state-approved education program. During your time in school, you’ll complete a rigorous course load and student-teaching experience. While it may be hard work, many teachers find it transformative.

With your degree in hand, you will then need a certificate. Your academic program will provide you with a letter of recommendation that confirms your qualifications. To apply, you’ll need to submit all course transcripts, complete a fingerprint background check and submit your full application packet to the Department of Education.

In the meantime, make connections at education job fairs and consider substitute teaching. Working as a substitute while you seek a full-time position can provide you with experience in the classroom. You will have the opportunity to connect with fellow teachers, meet administrators, and possibly learn of opportunities that are not quite public knowledge.

Alternative Routes to Teaching in Montana

Montana offers several alternative routes to certification for aspiring teachers who didn’t earn their education degree at first. You will need to complete more coursework, but the good news is that while you round out your education to meet Montana’s standards, you can simultaneously teach in a school.

Montana provides degree-holding teachers, who graduated with a minimum 2.5 GPA, a Class 5 provisional license. This credential is only good for three years and cannot be renewed. Gather your complete transfers, from all of the institutions you’ve attended, along with a fingerprint background check and determine which regionally-accredited college or university you’ll attend to complete the necessary coursework. You will have three years to do so.

When you have completed your work, you can apply for a Class 2 standard license or a Class 1 professional teacher’s license.

Teaching in Montana will give you the opportunity to impact many lives. Be certain to check the Montana Department of Education website for up-to-date certification information, as standards and procedures are known to change.

Source: Montana Department of Education


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