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teaching-usa-pennsylvania-teacherIf you’re looking for a rich and satisfying teaching career, you can’t do better than Pennsylvania. With a state government committed to supporting educators and a wide diversity of lifestyle options, you’re sure to find a perfect fit teaching in Pennsylvania.

With over 500 school districts, 3,287 schools and a student-teacher ratio of just over 15:2:1, Pennsylvania is a teacher’s dream. Per-pupil spending of $15,019 per year (up from each previous year) and proximity to many top-tier universities just add to the package. Teaching in Pennsylvania truly provides a rewarding opportunity to help children succeed.

Secondary School Teacher Salaries

Teachers are well-paid in Pennsylvania, and they work in cities large and small, and in rural communities across the state. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ current Occupational Outlook Handbook, secondary school teachers in Pennsylvania make a median annual salary of $62,670.

If you’d like to share your passion and contribute to the success of kids of every age and make a great salary, teaching might be a great career choice.

Source: www.bls.gov/oes/current/oes252031.htm

*The salary information listed is based on a national average, unless noted. Actual salaries may vary greatly based on specialization within the field, location, years of experience and a variety of other factors. National long-term projections of employment growth may not reflect local and/or short-term economic or job conditions, and do not guarantee actual job growth.

Demand for Pennsylvania Teachers

Pennsylvania has high standards for teachers and it sometimes takes a bit of work to enter the profession. You can improve your chances of landing a great job if you specialize in one of the subjects for which there is a statewide shortage of qualified teachers. Current shortages include the following subjects:

  • Foreign languages
  • Math
  • Science
  • Special education
  • Technology education

There are also teacher shortages in a number of Pennsylvania school districts. Due to a recent spike in retirements and resignations, Philadelphia teachers are particularly in demand.

In 2016, the Philadelphia School District started the school year with over 100 teaching jobs unfilled. Most of these vacancies were in hard-to-fill areas, such as science, math, middle school and bilingual education.

If you teach one of these subject areas, becoming a Philadelphia teacher may be a good way to start teaching in Pennsylvania.

Teaching in Pennsylvania: Certification

Pennsylvania grants instructional teaching certificates specific to the subjects you are qualified to teach. To become a certified teacher in Pennsylvania, you must successfully complete all three of the following requirements:

If you have completed an approved teacher certification program in another state, you must submit an application packet to have your credentials reviewed by the Pennsylvania Bureau of School Leadership and Teacher Quality. You may be eligible for a temporary teaching permit while completing any minor deficiencies in your application packet.

For more information about Pennsylvania teacher certification, visit Teaching in PA, a website of the Pennsylvania Department of Education.


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