The Joys of Early Childhood Education Careers

Learn how to affect the lives of young kids as an early childhood education teacher.

early-childhood-education-careerEarly childhood education careers will let you care for and teach children from infancy through age 8.

Teaching young kids, you’ll find creative ways to help them learn the skills they need for their intellectual, emotional and physical development. Not only that, but the kids will make you laugh every day, and always keep you guessing.

As they say: Out of the mouths of babes…

Learn to Play, Play to Learn

Early childhood teachers plan lessons are based on play and hands-on activities, the primary means through which young children learn. You will use games, music, artwork, films, books, and increasingly, computers.

Play may involve inspiring kids’ imagination and problem-solving through materials such as building blocks, clay or puzzles. It may also include group pastimes that promote social skills and cooperation, such as gardening, playing musical instruments or preparing a meal. Who knows? Maybe you’ll also have fun playing with, and learning from, them too.

Naturally, story time also plays an essential role in helping young children learn. You’ll provide time for students to listen to stories and explore books and other reading materials, and then give kids the opportunity to respond to a story or theme with rhyming games, art and crafts, and role playing.

Influencing a Child’s Future

To succeed in an early childhood education career, you must be patient, creative and love helping young children learn. You’ll need excellent communication skills, and must learn how to keep the attention of young children and the support of parents. You’ll delight in hearing your kids’ laughter, and seeing their happiness and—sometimes unexpected—development.

A career in early childhood education will give you the chance to teach kids when they are most open to learning. The play that children participate in today can lead them to years of success as students and adults. They will remember influential teachers and pivotal moments from their childhood for the rest of their lives. Don’t you want to be a part of that?


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