What Can You Do With an Early Childhood Education Degree?

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early childhood education student online studying
early childhood education student online studying

What Can You Do with Your ECE Degree?

When people hear the term “early childhood education,” they often assume it refers only to preschool and pre-kindergarten education. However, while it does encompass these important educational years, the term actually includes education for students from birth through grade three. When you complete an online degree in early childhood education, you will gain insight and knowledge into teaching students in this much wider age group.

Jobs for Teachers with a Degree in Early Childhood Education

Once you graduate from an early childhood education program-typically a master’s level graduate degree-you are often qualified to take leadership positions in preschool settings and kindergartens, teach grades one through three or even teach early childhood education courses in a higher education setting. Read about your state to get complete certification information.

The following jobs are commonly available for people who graduate with an online degree in early childhood education:

  • Kindergarten lead teacher: Lead teachers oversee groups of teachers in addition to teaching their own class.
  • Teacher, grades one through three: These teachers educate students aged six through nine and are responsible for meeting state-mandated educational goals.
  • Preschool director: Responsible for the operation of an entire preschool, these dedicated leaders hire and manage teachers and staff, make curriculum decisions, develop initiatives for student growth, and more. See our interview with an early childhood student for more information.
  • Educational administrator: Other leadership and staff positions in preschools, kindergartens, elementary schools and colleges will value your online degree in early childhood education. Read our school leadership interview for more information.
  • College instructor: Your master’s or doctoral level online degree in early childhood education will also qualify you to teach early childhood classes at the community college or university level.

Where Do I Go from Here?

If you would like to increase your job prospects, salary or career trajectory, getting an online degree in early childhood education will increase your knowledge and prepare you to ignite the imaginations of your students during the most formative years of their lives. Very little compares with the joy and energy in a classroom full of youngsters. But coming to class with a degree in early childhood education will ensure that you’re equipped to engage them on their level and have a lasting impact on their lives.

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