School Management Careers

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School managers, leaders and administrators are the CEOs of school districts and individual schools. If you want to ensure a high-quality education for your education career, you’ll be glad to know you’re in the right place. We have everything you need to know about school management degrees to make an informed decision about your school administrationleadership, or research and policy training.

People in upper-level school management and leadership positions play a challenging and rewarding role that shapes the landscape of education for the students in their care. They take on a number of various roles in leadership and policymaking:

  • Lead private and public educational institutions
  • Hire and manage teachers and staff
  • Prepare budgets
  • Oversee other teachers
  • Research and determine new curricula
  • Set policies and standards

Passionate, talented people who are interested in a school management career have the opportunity to determine the course of academia through their daily decisions and interactions.

Career Opportunities

Navigating school administration and upper-level leadership career options can be a confusing process with all of the different terminology in use today. Many people are unaware of the plethora of options for executive roles in the education industry. If you don’t know whether you want to go into education administration, school leadership or educational research and policy, scroll down to read our articles on each to discover whether you have the natural qualities, educational development and experience you need to land these jobs.

Degree Information

As you consider different school leadership careers and the education you’ll need to get there, our tools provide all of the information you need to make wise decisions about your future.

If you are curious about exactly how much additional education you will need to land the job you want, start with understanding the process for earning your master’s degree in education or teaching once you complete your undergraduate work. You’ll learn what degrees are typically held by people in the school administration field and the composition of some of the most common degree programs.

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