3 Reasons to Get Your Master’s Degree in Math Education Online

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by All Star Staff

student holding electronic notepad with math equation displayed
student holding electronic notepad with math equation displayed

If you are considering expanding your teaching opportunities, there are some important reasons you should think about pursuing an online master’s degree program in math education. Regardless of your current subject-area expertise, math offers excellent career potential for teachers at all education levels.

1. You can get your degree in the comfort of your own home.

The opportunity to complete your graduate teacher education at home is especially attractive for teachers whose busy schedules challenge them both intellectually and physically. Working on your studies in front of a computer screen can be much easier than a long commute to campus after a busy day at work. And if you live in one of the growing number of states that now require you to complete a master’s degree at some point after your initial teacher licensure, online education is a great way to complete certification requirements with minimal impact on your personal life.

2. Completing a master’s can increase your salary.

Offered in both Master of Arts and Master of Science educational tracks, online master’s degree programs in math education help put teachers on the road to financial growth. Even if your state doesn’t require graduate-level training, completing a master’s degree has been shown to increase salaries by over 18%

The time, expense and commitment required to complete a master’s degree-especially if you are already working full time-shows employers how serious you are about your career. That’s one of the reasons they are willing to pay more for the skills and knowledge you’ve gained in a master’s program. They clearly know the benefit your additional education will have on your students.

3. You’ll increase your marketability.

If there is one thing we’ve learned during fluctuations in the teacher job market, it’s that teachers with endorsements in shortage-area subjects are able to find jobs when others can’t. That’s why pursuing an online master’s degree program in math education is a good idea, even if you are currently teaching other subjects.

According to the U.S. Department of Education, there is still a teacher shortage in a large number of states for the following content areas:

So you can see that qualifying yourself to teach math classes just might help you get your foot in the door at a school that isn’t currently hiring for positions in other subject areas.

If you are looking for a way to increase your salary and marketability with online education, start browsing through our database of online master’s degree programs in math education. Find out for yourself by browsing our school listings today.

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